This roleplay started on April 27th, 2014. The RP takes place sometime after ROTI ,where former TD host, Chris McLean, has gone insanely mad, and since he cant host anymore seasons, he has decided to go out with a bang by trick a handful of teenagers into competing in a "new season". But what they don't know is that it's a sick twisted game that involves pulling over-the-top gross stunts in order to win, and once someone gets voted out, they die! Who will survive? Who will have their limbs torn out? And who will get laid? Find out on this very one-of-a-kind RP!


Amy and Duncan are played by Rj3ful1

Bridgette and Lightning are played by Rockerboyalien4

Katie and LeShawna are played by Drfizwuz997xlol

Dakota and Tyler are played by Rocky LXIX

Mike and Samey are played by Teamdarkfan4

Entran and Marissa are played by Heonzo100x

Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet are played by DegrassiFTW27

Episode List

Here are the summaries for the episode

Episode 1

The contestants are introduced, and are locked up, much to their surprise. They are divided into two teams. Team 1 consisting of Samey, Duncan, Dakota, Lightning, Katie, and Entran. Team 2 consisting of Amy, Mike, LeShawna, Tyler, Bridgette, and Marissa. Chris then reveals that he has gone insanely mad, and that the main prize the 12 contestants will be fighting for: is their own lives! The first challenge is getting the key to the kitchen.. which is located inside the body of one member of each team, later turning out to being Dakota and Tyler. Lightning manages to get Dakota knocked out with one punch while Team 2 struggled a bit to get Tyler knocked out. It ended up being a close race to the finish, but LeShawna reached the door first and won it for Team 2! At the elimination ceremony, Entran received the most votes, but luckily for him his life was spared for the moment as it had turned out to be a reward challenge, even though he still ended up getting punished by having one of his eyes pulled out. Poor guy.

Episode 2

The contestants wake up to a very crappy breakfest, and still recovering from the events of the first day. Chris then announces that he caught all of their parents, and forced them to do their first immunity challenge in order to save them. there would be five rounds of a contestant from each team choosing a mystery drink without puking afterwards. It was really close but Katie won the tiebreaker sending Team 2 to vote someone out. The vote was very close between either Marissa or Tyler going. But in a vote of 3-2, Marissa became the first person eliminated, and was killed by being stuck in a pipe filled with nasty rodents.