Welcome to hurt & heal! Every character starts with five points. Once a day you can comment who to hurt and who to heal, and if a characters points hit 0, that character is eliminated. When you heal a character, they gain 1 point, when you hurt a character, they lose 1 point. A character can't have more than 10 points. Have fun!

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Credits to Amazing Hijotee for the table.

Character Points Rank
Alejandro 10 TBA
Anne Maria 7 TBA
Brick 9 TBA
Bridgette 10 TBA
Cody 10 TBA
Courtney 10 TBA
Dakota 7 TBA
Dawn 6 TBA
Duncan 7 TBA
Geoff 6 TBA
Harold 6 TBA
Heather 10 TBA
Izzy 7 TBA
Justin 5 TBA
Katie 4 TBA
Leshawna 6 TBA
Lightning 8 TBA
Lindsay 10 TBA
Noah 7 TBA
Sam 7 TBA
Scott 6 TBA
Sierra 6 TBA
Trent 10 TBA
Tyler 6 TBA
Beth 6 TBA
Sadie OUT (Feb. 11) 27th
Jo OUT (Feb. 7) 28th
Staci OUT (Feb. 5) 29th
Owen OUT (Feb. 3) 30th
Mike OUT (Jan. 9) 31st
Gwen OUT (Jan. 8) 32nd
Eva OUT (Jan. 8) 33rd
Blaineley OUT (Jan. 4) 34th
Ezekiel OUT (Jan. 3) 35th
Zoey OUT (Jan. 2) 36th
Cameron OUT (Dec. 30) 37th
B OUT (Dec. 30) 38th