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Team Heather is a Lesbo



Dj~Rocky XXVI



Team Lightning's Mascara

Lightning~Rocky XXVI




Zoey~Boys can like it to

Model Drama

It's the first episode we get the cast Joes and Chris are models. Gwen hit her head and can't remember anything, so she shave Chris and put him in a Tuxs. Cameron keeps trying to makes move on her. Lindsay helps Gwen while Lightning stares at him self in the mirror. Meanwhile Zoey dress does his hair. On the other team Joes keeps trying to get Heather to break up with Alejandro. Dj and Amy forms an allainice, so does Heather and Beth also forms one as Beth goes to get sun tan lotion from the plane. Ezekiel eats his snot and reads Poser Magazine. Staci judge the models. She says Chris is the hottest and Team Heather is a Lesbo have to vote someone off. Beth votes out Heather. The winner gets to stay in first class on the plane while the losers sleeps outside. Amy, Dj, and Beth all gets can of beans. The votes end up In a 4-1 Ratio with Zeke to Heather, as Zeke votes off himself by mistake. Ezekiel is for the third time is voted out first. He is the first contestant to take the drive of shame as he drives. The episode ends with the contestants votes being shown. Heather ends up being really mad at Beth.


Participant  Team   Status   Placing  
Ezekiel Team Heather is a Lesbo Voted off for being weird. 10th Place
9th Place
8th Place
7th Place
6th Place
5th Place Merged
4th Place
3rd Place
2nd Place/Winner
2nd Place/winner


Ezekiel rankings

TDI 22nd

TDWT 18th

TDB. 10th

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