Total Drama: We're Rolling!


Writers ChunkyChipackers, Survivor321, and TBA
Artists ChunkyChipackers, TBA

Total Drama: We're Rolling is a competition fanfiction written by multiple users, as well as drawn by multiple.


Sixteen contestants battle it out in movie-themed challenges in an attempt to win a million big ones. Hosted by Chris McLean, this season will contain fifteen episodes.


  • All of the contestants are original characters, however some have competed in other fanfictions previously.
  • There will be as many as three authors and five artists for this story.


  • A rich girl
  • A basketball player
  • A delinquent
  • A pacifist
  • A punk
  • A bad girl
  • A fashionista
  • A tattooed guy
  • An Italian
  • A footbal player
  • A bully
  • A bossy girl
  • Four other unconfirmed characters
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