Spaz: Today we will be going to Egypt, where I am a pharaoh! The teams are going to the airport right now.

Heo: *struggling pulling JRO's leg across the sidewalk* Hurry...up..

JRO: *eating potato chips* >.>

Garret: *running* Ally do you like Topher?

Ally: Yes!!

Garret: I want to lick whipped cream off his sexy chest!

GO: Bat you're too asian.

Bat: r00d

(Everyone is seen gathered around the airport waiting for flight)

Chip: *drawing OC's*

JRO: *eats paper*

Rocker: Why is the OC white you racist homophobic bitch.

Chip: Shut it.

(Everyone is seen walking in, two hours later, the plane lands)

(Everyone runs to a clue station)

Fiz: Beautiful airport.

CLUE: You must all run outside and sign up for a boat ride across the lake to a pyramid. 5 people per boat ride.

Rocky: Cracker and minority coming through!

Rocker: QUIET!

GO: YOU MOVE NOW *pushes everyone*

Aqua: *runs to sign ups* Losing makes me dry. *signs up for boat ride.

Heather: *signs with Aqua* :)

Toast: Nothing can beat bread. *signs up*

Team: Too Max Goof to lose. *signs with Toast*

Chip and Rimie: *signs up*

JRO: *almost at sign ups* WAIT!

Heo: What?

JRO: It's a coin!

Heo: Ugh

Chwiis: It's all ogre from here, ya Jews! *signs up with Milk*


RJ: *runs*

Grass: Yo, hurry up Ethan!

Ethan: I am!

RJ: *signs up*

(RJ/Fiz, Aqua/Heather, Chwiis/Milk, Chip/Rimie, and Toast/Team hop on boat)

Heo: This sucks man..

Garret: Did someone say sucks?

GO: Garret you're gay.

Bat: Stop being so r00d to Garret.

GO: You like him so.

Bat: >.<

Ally: GO you aren't my best friend anymore!

Ethan: JRO I can't believe Snake isn't in SSBB.

JRO: Eh.

  • the boat arrived at a pyramid*

Milk: illuminate

Chwiis: No swamp?

CLUE: You must go under this pyramid and find your way out. The exit is your pitstop. Last team to arrive is eliminated!

(Everyone runs in)

(Ethan/Grass, Heo/JRO, Ally/Garret, Bat/GO, and Rocky/Rocker get on boat)

RJ: *walking* Fiz we can't get blindsided before jury.

Fiz: Ikr we don't wanna pull a Francesca.

(The second boat arrives)

Heo: Illumina-

Ally: Quiet someone said that line *runs in pyramid*

Ethan: *running with Grass* This is like a maze, Pac Man!

Chip: *running* So how's your wiki?

Rimie: Successful.

Chip: Ha, yeah right.

Rimie: *stops* Excuse me?

Chip: You are excused c:

Rimie: Your wiki has been dead for almost two years!

Chip: Atleast mine wasn't sock infested.

Rimie: I am not even going to talk to you! *keeps running*

Rocky: I will NOT be beat by racial minorities!

Rocker: Quiet republican lover

(They have some government argument)

Aqua: *running* Heather we slay <3

Chip: Rimie it's the exit!

Rimie: We won! I am sorry for saying your OC's are shit!

Chip: *stops in front of exit* YOU WHAT?

Rimie: You heard!

Chip: Oh heck no! big brother BISH is gonna kill you!

Rocker: Let's go Rocky *gods and finishes first*

Spaz: Ew I was hoping you guys would leave, anyways, you get first place.

Milk: Cirie <3

Chwiis: Survivor talk isn't allowed only swamp talk

Milk: mean.

Heather: Hooray *runs outside with Aqua*

Aqua: Slay.

Spaz: You are team number two.

Rimie: Chip people are passing us! Let's just walk outside and resolve stuff later!

Chip: No! You will apologize.


Bat: say excuse me.

GO: *pushes Chip/Rimie and runs to pitstop*

Spaz: Sadly #3

Grass and Ethan: *runs to Spaz*

RJ: OMG! *runs to Spaz with Fiz*

Spaz: Numbers four and five!

Ally: Garret where are we?

Garret: I don't know..:(

Ally: Let's just keep walking..

Heo and JRO: *walks to pitstop*

JRO: Yo.

Spaz: #6. And here is Milk and Chwiis, who is #7.

Toast: Come on boi we are losing! *runs*

Team: If we lose we have to get the hammer.

Toast: Nah, the ax.

Toast: *runs outside with Team* Hi.

Spaz: Ugh, you guys were so close to losing. #8. One spot left!

Ally: Look! It's Chip and Rimie! Hi!

Rimie: Chip if they pass us we lose!

Chip: Fine! Let's go.

(Rimie/Chip and Ally/Garret both run outside)

Chip: *trips Rimie* Oops.


Garret: :D <3

Rimie: You idiot!

Spaz: Chip/Rimie, you are the second team eliminated from the race.