[These are being kept for archival reasons.] These are our wiki's rules. We do expect you to follow them. Every member/user must respect these rules and there is no special privileges for anyone. Here in the TDRPS we are all equals and treat each other like that.

  • If you are in any roleplay in this wiki, we expect you to be here on time for every episode. If you do not make the roleplay more than 2 times, you will be placed in consideration list to be replaced by someone else. If you do have a reason for not being in the roleplay, contact our admins and we will make note of it and plan accordingly.
  • Spamming anywhere on the wiki is not allowed.
  • Please respect others when you are on our Wiki. Even if they are former users or do not congregate or are associated with us anymore, please respect them.
  • Any form of vandalism will result in a punishment, such as a ban or, if severe enough, a block.
  • Racism will result in a two-hour ban. If it is continuous, it will extend your ban for an even longer time. This includes sexuality, race, gender, religion, disability, or age.
  • No spoiling is allowed during a Total Drama Season.
  • We do permit advertising, but mostly from active users who are very much trusted. You may not advertise more than twice a day. Any other attempts at advertising will lead to a kick or a ban.
  • If you want an emoticon made, you must have a picture that is not copyrighted and that doesn't belong to someone else. You may use pictures from other people if you have their consent.
  • Cussing continuously is not tolerated. Words such as "Nigger" are not allowed. Neither is "KKK." Also no use of other offensive words like "Chink", "Beaner", or yes, even "Cracker".
  • Harassing other users is not okay. Harassing includes bullying, picking on, or abusing other users. If you are caught harassing others, you will be kicked or most likely banned for your actions.
  • In Roleplays, you are not allowed to godplay. Godplaying is making an advantage for yourself or basically making yourself like a "Superman" of some sorts. Any noticeable way of god play will lead to a kick.  Any other attempts will lead to a ban and possibly a permanent ban.
  • No arguing on chat is allowed. If you have an issue with a certain user, please handle your business somewhere else.
  • Before you start a Roleplay in this Wiki, you must get consent from one of our admins.  Keep in mind that it can't be out of control, we allow mature roleplays, but it can't be too crazy.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, contact one of our 4 admins: HeozakiDegrassiFTW27, or Metanuki and we'll get to it right away.