Welcome to The Night Hub! 

We are a 4+ Year Community dedicated to several things including Gaming, RPs, Anime, TV shows, Internet Stuff, and general interaction among our users!  We’re here to make a unique experience along with a positive and fun environment.  However, we have some rules that we request that you abide by.  These rules apply towards our wiki, text, and voice chats:

1. Don’t Cause Drama.  It’s very easy to get carried away with discussions with people, but we ask that you don’t bring in your problems with people on chat.  Be mindful that people are here to enjoy the chat vibes.

2. Be Aware of Announcements. We may post some important updates on our Discord #announcements channel or here, so make sure you check it frequently.

3. Don’t Be Excessive With Spamming. This isn’t completely against any kind of spamming, but be sure that you’re not covering our chat or wiki with only your posts.

4. Advertising Is Okay If You Check Up With Our Admins.  Please talk to one of our admins if you’re going to promote a site or other Discord chat.  If you are approved, you can promote it at a reasonable rate (once or twice every few days). 

5. NO HARASSMENT WHATSOEVER. This means sexually and in general.  Don’t be that person who is constantly bugging others on chat, DMs and elsewhere.  This won’t be tolerated by our staff.

This is all we will ask for.  We trust the community to be wise enough to make good decisions and make this the place to be on Discord and FANDOM.  Good luck with your experience here at The Night Hub!