[This rule was devised by the Admin 6 back in December of 2013.  These are not our rules at the moment, but rather kept for Archival reasons.] These are our wiki's rules. We do expect you to follow them.

  • Any form of vandalism will result in a punishment, such as a ban or, if severe enough, a block.
  • "Twerking" is not allowed, unless it is in a mature roleplay.
  • Racism will result in a two hourban. If it is continuous, it will extend your ban for an even longer time. This includes sexuality, race, gender, religion, disability, or age.
  • If someone asks you to not spoil something, do not do it. It will result in a kick and possibly more.
  • Advertising is not allowed. Even in PM. Unless the person is okay with you advertising them in PM. But in main chatit is not allowed at all.
  • Cussing continuously is not allowed. Words such as "Nigger" are not allowed. Neither is KKK. Also no use of other offensive words like "Chink", "Beaner", or yes, even "Cracker".
  • Fanfictions are allowed,but need to be appropriate. When two to three admins verify it, you must tell them the name and if it's appropriate or not. Titles such as 'Whatever 'Sex are not allowed.
  • Harassing other users is not okay.
  • In Roleplays, you are not allowed to godplay.  Any noticeable way of godplaywill lead to a kick.  Any other attempts will lead to a ban and possibly a permanent ban.
  • Before you start a Roleplay in this Wiki, you must get consent from oneour admins.  Keep in mind that it can't be out of control, we allow mature roleplays, but it can't be too crazy.