This is the Second Season of the Fans vs Favorites Series.  It began on August 1st of 2015.  Chris has returned to the mysterious island that took place in the season before with quite a twist: the whole island is in the middle of a Ice Age-like period.  He has brought in 6 Old Contestants and 6 New Contestants for a chance at another million dollars.  


Fresh Bloods:

1. Piper-XxAquaInfinityxX (6/7th Place: Tied)

2. Troy-Heozaki (11th Place)

3. Hayley-SteelWolf

4. Demika-LucinaFTW

5. Wally-Metanuki (8th Place)

6. Duke-ToasterSnifferBreadisGood (9th Place)


1. Amy-XxAquaInfinityxX

2. Gwen-SteelWolf

3. Sam-JRO123 (10th Place)

4. Josh-LucinaFTW (12th Place)

5. Lightning-Metanuki (6/7th Place: Tied)

6. Leshawna-ToasterSnifferBreadisGood (5th Place)


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