= The season begins with a cold open as buses are heading over to a pit stop, dropping off the contestants with their luggage ==

11:28 JRO123

(ella) This is so terribly exciting! :DD

11:28 Heozaki

(heather) Where are the maids around here? I shouldn't have to pick up my own bags!

11:28 JRO123

(ella) it makes me want to SING

11:28 Chwiis 3.0 (are we waiting for ppl to be introduced) 11:28 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *eats watermelon*

11:28 JRO123 no fgt 11:28 DegrassiFTW27 (nah, you're good, they're getting dropped off so you can just show up) 11:28 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Future host here everyone, I would like the get along with my victims today

11:28 Heozaki

(scott) *grabs burlap sack and hangs it over his shoulder* Ah, fresh country

11:28 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *doing math HW on the bus*

11:29 JRO123

(al) *steps off of bus* back at last. *grins*

11:29 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) My dad sent me here for what reason again?

11:29 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) *stares at ella*..........................

11:29 JRO123

(ella) :D why, hello there!

11:29 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) .................................

11:29 Dark Knight Rebirth perfect toast 11:29 JRO123

(ella) do you want to be friends?!!?!

11:29 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) .............hi

11:29 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *staring at heather* sooooo... beautiful....

11:29 JRO123

(ella) :D

11:30 Chwiis 3.0 he ather 11:30 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


11:30 JRO123

(ella) ...
(ella) its ok to be shy!

11:30 Heozaki

(heather) Gross. Throw this piss stain in the garbage

11:30 JRO123

(ella) i know we'll get along beautifully, new friend! :D
(ella) *gives hug*

11:30 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Are you ignoring me campers?
(topher) Don't you know who I am?

11:31 JRO123

(gwen) *writing in goth diary* >.>

11:31 Heozaki

(scott) *throws turnip at Topher* Shut it

11:31 Rocky XXVII (Rocky) Aww man, I can not believe we are here on Bare Bones! Can you believe this guys?


whoops 11:31 Heozaki Tbh 11:31 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) .........*no emotion* please excuse me while I think of ways to decapitate you

11:31 Heozaki That icon is annoying 11:31 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *conf* Yes Im doing homework on bus so what! My parents work at drycleaning place so they cant afford to send me to college thats only reason Im on show i need duh money

11:31 Heozaki Who tf added it 11:31 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) That's no way to treat the future host dirt boy

I did 11:31 Rocky XXVII probs Dark yep 11:32 JRO123

(ella) *keeps hugging* :D

11:32 Heozaki

(scott) *throws a bigger turnip at Topher* You owe me 6.25!

11:32 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Looking around while filing nails* I don't think I'll be able to connect with ANY of these people

11:32 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) You can connect with me

11:32 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ...........Pain.....Torture...........Bleeding.....Death...just go to your happy place

11:32 JRO123

(ella) i'm so excited to be here! Chris Mclean is so DREAMY

11:32 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Sorry, but you're like 10 years old

11:32 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) >.>
(junior) I'm 13
(junior) I even got a chest hair

11:33 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) 13 is the new 10 anyways

11:33 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *smacks emma ass leaving a red hand mark*

11:33 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Anybody else here a Deep Purple fan?

11:33 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* Yo fams and bois at home! Devin sent here from his Christian Youth group to help spread the message of joy to an international audience B) Im SUPER excited for the opportunity and hope to make many new friends :whew:

11:33 JRO123

(al) Heather.

11:33 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) damn girl how you get that to shake so much

11:34 JRO123

(al) It's been too long.

11:34 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) Leave me alone I need concentrate

11:34 Heozaki

(heather) *rolls eyes* What a bunch of idiots.

11:34 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) i see i see.....

11:34 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *conf* I no interested in boys unless the doct-ah
  • they

11:35 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *conf* Emma so wants the Lightning inside of her......maybe on the couch?

11:35 Heozaki

(heather) Conf: I'm surrounded by tweedleidiots right now.

11:35 JRO123

(al) yes, they are a... certainly unique bunch, arent they

11:35 DegrassiFTW27

All of a sudden a rather huge RV pulls up to the area ==

11:35 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) *Conf* This is how they treat me? I am the next Chris Mclean! The future host of Total Drama! These kids are lucky that my time hasn't shined yet!

11:35 Heozaki

(scott) *takes a bite into a turnip* Hmm, that's somewhat impressive

11:36 JRO123

(ella) :O

11:36 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Please tell me I'm not gonna have to live in THAT thing!? I need beauty sleep in a 5-star hotel every night!

11:36 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *steps out confidently* Awww, another a season. How are you all doing?

11:36 JRO123

(ella) is chris here?!

11:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(dwayne) *comes out* Wuzz poppin jimbo  (troll)

11:36 JRO123

(ella) *gasp* ITS HIM

11:36 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ...

11:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Oh my gosh

11:36 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) No Chris give me few more minutes I still havent started my history HW

11:36 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Aww man, we're gonna live on the road in a trailer like TRUE rockstars!? Sweet!

11:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Chris

11:36 Heozaki

(heather) Are you serious? Chris! This is a mess!

11:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Big fan of you

11:36 JRO123

(al) Chris, mi amigo. Good to see you again. *flashes grin*

11:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) I really like your work

11:36 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) The legend himself has arrived, yes

11:37 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) Chris MY BOI how you going? :B

11:37 Heozaki

(scott) This reminds me of my old farm life, living with the pigs and goats

11:37 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Gene Simmons?

11:37 Chwiis 3.0 go ing 11:37 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *greets Al* Benny, my man!

11:37 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) So I was wonering, how much would it take to replace Chef? You know, for now?

11:37 Chwiis 3.0 g oing 11:37 JRO123

(ella) He's even more HANDSOME in person!!! :D

11:37 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Hey chris so where the money Lightning needs to feast his eyes on the Mil B)

11:37 Dark Knight Rebirth

  • wondering

11:37 Rocky XXVII brb gonna remove this annoying icon 11:37 JRO123

(al) ...
(al) que?

11:37 Heozaki

(heather) *scoffs* Shut it, you brainless jock

11:38 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) My bad, been a while. Mixing up names. You're talking about the million, Lightning?

11:38 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) Chris I have one question where is study room

11:38 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Sure Ella he's handsome, but don't you think he is a little too old?

11:38 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *gestures to chef as he passes him a briefcase* It is right here! *opens it up for all to see*

11:38 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) :O

11:38 Heozaki

(scott) *eyes become money signs*

11:38 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Good question, Emma. There is none. We're all going to be in that RV together this season!
(chris) Well, not me. I'll be traveling separately.

11:39 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Anyway I could go with you?

11:39 Heozaki

(heather) Conf: I've been in this competition for years now and I've never won. This is MY moment. No one will stop me. NO ONE.

11:39 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Are the room coed Chris winks @ emma

11:39 JRO123

(gwen) this looks awful.

11:39 Rocky XXVII Everyone refresh (well except maybe the person who is transcripting all this) go wtf 11:40 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) I could use an errand, no, I'm getting sidetracked! And yes Lightning, these are co-ed quarters

11:40 Rocky XXVII meta 11:40 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Let us talk about the season, what we are here for!

11:40 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


11:40 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) This season is like no other

11:40 Heozaki

(scott) Conf: There's a million bucks in there...more money than I'll ever earn by doing farm work

11:40 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* WOAH in an RV that is super cool man it's like the time I travelled upstate with my youth group to go doorknocking man :whew: there wasn't much room so I had to share a bed with a priest and 2 other boys but whatever man it was cool B)

11:40 JRO123

(al) co-ed? ;)

11:40 Rocky XXVII nvm, refresh again 11:40 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) I would be honored to be your errand boy

11:40 Rocky XXVII got it this time GO k good Dam you for that though Dark 11:41 Dark Knight Rebirth lol 11:41 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Bare Bones has come a long way from a bunch of teens traveling, this has become a show of all ages. We have grown more strategic and more intelligent as the game has changed. Well, at least some have.

11:41 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Sounds like a cool story bro @Devin

11:42 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) That's why this season is about alliances, strategy and trust. Not just having it, but breaking it. The biggest example of that is our voting system this year.

11:42 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(sierra) Classic Chris "some have" *laughs* He's talking about me btw :D

11:42 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Voting is for posers

11:42 JRO123

(ella) *moves next to chris* I could listen to you talk ALL day.

11:43 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) This year, you will be voting but not for who goes home.

11:43 JRO123

(ella) *sighs*

11:43 Heozaki

(heather) *rolls eyes* Conf: What a bunch of kiss ups

11:43 JRO123

(al) eh?
(al) *intrigued*

11:43 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) wut

11:43 Heozaki

(scott) So we're not voting?
(scott) Conf: I've watched this show on our old TV since episode one. It's weird seeing Chris without all the static covering him

11:44 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) This time, the person with the most votes will receive what we call "ultimate power". That person you voted for is who you would like to control the vote. They will have sole power to choose who goes home in our elimination ceremony known as "the double cross". And Scott, I just said you were voting you moron.

11:44 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Fantastic idea Chris, really good stuff,but I think we can go deeper into the rabbit hole if you know what i'm saying? *nudges*

11:44 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Wait this isn't The Challenge?? Maybe Lightning should of read the sigh up papers before hand

11:44 Heozaki

(scott) Oh, right...

11:44 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) WOAH Chris awesome twist my boi :whew: You are so funny man LMAO I support you in everything you do fam *holds out high five*

11:45 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Say Devin I gotta know

11:45 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *high fives Devin back* MY MAN! Gosh, everyone is actually tolerable this season!

11:45 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Why do you say :whew: alot?

11:45 JRO123

(al) conf: from a single look at my competition, I fear they are infinitely outmatched. For such a seasoned and attractive veteran as myself, victory is most assured.

11:45 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) Wait Chris what is voting in the country I came from we just obeyed the supreme leader

11:45 Heozaki

(heather) *smirks* I agree with the dumbas-I mean clever boy

11:46 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) idk junior

11:46 JRO123

(ella) I hope that includes ME *giggle*

11:46 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Oooooh we're voting to give power? We should vote for hottest person each time, aka me!

11:46 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) why do you always seek approval?


(scott) Hot? No, you're not THAT hot. Bertha the farm girl, now that's hot.

11:46 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Now since I am nice, for today we wont have to deal with the double cross but we still will be having a challenge. A challenge that we're obviously going to need teams for. When I call your name, step up

11:46 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(sierra) Classic Bare Bones twist just like Episode 21

11:46 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) I am clearly approved
(junior) You can ask anyone here

11:47 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) First: Devin
(chris) Topher.

11:47 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* One of my bois in the choir taught me a sweet way of answering uncomfortable questions. Just answer back with another shitty comeback question that makes no sense B)

11:47 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Gwen
(chris) Heather

11:47 JRO123

(gwen) *listening to music*

11:48 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Lightning
(chris) Ella

11:48 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) SHA-YEAH

11:48 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) And Rock.

11:48 JRO123

(ella) yes, my PRINCE?

11:48 Heozaki

(heather) *Looks at team* Ugh! What the hell, Chris?!

11:48 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Topher are you one of those so called Fruity cakes

11:48 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) There we go, Team 1. As for team 2: Izzy, Junior

11:48 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Rock on! *Walks up to Topher and Heather* what a team this is gonna be

11:48 JRO123 emma u mean 11:49 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Fruity cakes?

11:49 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) its alright lightning doesn't care .....that much

11:49 DegrassiFTW27 LMAO my bad 11:49 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *bumps into heather* woah umm... hehehehe hi... ahahaha ....looks like we're on the same team ehehhehe

11:49 DegrassiFTW27 these are old team lists 11:49 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) No I'm not what you think I am.

11:49 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Emma*

11:49 JRO123

(ella) *floats to join team* hello there, NEW FRIENDS

11:49 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) whoo

11:49 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Unless you are seeing me as the successor to Chris.

11:49 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Sierra
(chris) Scott, Alejandro

11:50 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) I was going to have to sleep with my buttcheeks taped together for a moment

11:50 Heozaki

(heather) *steps on Devin's toe* Get away from me, rapist.

11:50 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Crimson and Taylor
(chris) Some mighty fine teams if I do say so myself!

11:50 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) ;-;

11:50 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) *Conf* My dad never told me I would be with people that are 3 years+ older than me, this sucks

11:50 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Looks at team* Whatever

11:50 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ....... Taylor

11:50 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* DAMN BOI Im totally nailing it with that girl Heather B)

11:51 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Maybe next time Devin

11:51 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *In Conf* I swear everyone on my team are either fugly or basic bitches

11:51 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Now, just like The Gauntlet, the team names are up to you

11:51 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) I don't like you *turns away from her*

11:51 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) what do you want creepy girl

11:51 Dark Knight Rebirth


11:51 Heozaki

(scott) The Scruffin' Farm Boys!

11:51 JRO123

(al) *joins his team*

11:51 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Okay? Mutual feelings honey

11:51 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


11:51 DegrassiFTW27 Devin, Topher, Gwen, Heather, Lightning, Ella and Rock Emma, Junior, Sierra, Scott, Alejandro, Crimson and Taylor 11:51 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood



(ella) The Cuddle Bunnies! :D

11:52 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Hey Crimson, I think you look cool with that goth makeup

11:52 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) So Devin's Christians and The Farm Boys.....ok

11:52 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* Im torn because I want to stay loyal to my girl back home but then again Heather is so beautiful she just makes me want to take her out for ice cream so bad JESUS WHAT SHOULD I DO FAM

11:52 Dark Knight Rebirth lmao 11:52 Heozaki

(heather) How about The Bunch of Idiots and Heather?

11:52 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) .......I.......know

11:52 JRO123

(al) ...

11:52 Chwiis 3.0

(DEVIN) Woah Topher sweet name boi

11:52 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Some nice names, I guess.

11:52 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Heather If I stupid how can I be good at sports...HUH??

11:52 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Do you think you could teach me to be goth? My dad never let me have fun with older people.

11:52 JRO123

(ella) what about my suggestion! :(

11:53 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) First come, first serve Ella

11:53 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *conf* I shut her up good

11:53 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Of course it is Devin B)

11:53 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) I know that Christian Rock can be pretty good

11:53 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) I like it because it has my name in it and Im the best so thanks fam B)

11:53 JRO123

(ella) but mine was adorable!

11:53 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Anything for a future victim of mine

11:53 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) .... no

11:53 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Aw come on!
(junior) Not even a tiny bit?

11:54 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ...
(crimson) no

11:54 Heozaki

(scott) My papa taught me well, Farm boys are the best name givers out there!
  • Conf:

11:54 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Before we start the challenge I just want to say I am honestly just happy this season is taking place. We've come a long way from dirty vans and me having to scam DJ out of his money. I remember when the first challenge was stealing from a convenience store. Now though, to start this season off we're doing it way bigger

11:54 JRO123

(al) now that you mention it, you do seem a bit young for this competition

11:54 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) Wow we actually get to choose our names western democracy is confusing when my parents gave duh birth to me the government choose my name

11:54 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *conf* I gotta show this team who's boss

11:54 Dark Knight Rebirth lmao chwiis 11:54 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *In Conf* Back home, I always would play with my bois in my band playing the guitar. We're the hottest group in our town, selling out garage shows and everything. So being on TV will definitely help give me a LOT more exposure ;)

11:54 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *motions down the street* We're stealing from a mall this time before we hit the road!

11:54 Heozaki

(heather) A stupid team for a bunch of stupid idiots? Not a surprise. Please don't associate me with these people.

11:55 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) This is what I like to call a remix of a classic challenge

11:55 Heozaki

(scott) Stealing? Alright, where's my ski mask?

11:55 JRO123

(ella) don't worry, Heather! We'll have all season to get to know each other!
(ella) isnt that exciting?

11:55 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) What the musical girl said
(junior) But isn't stealing bad?

11:55 Heozaki

(scott) *puts a potato bag over his face*

11:55 JRO123

(al) do realize

11:55 Rocky XXVII lol Chwiis is Emma supposed to be based off that Asian character in those prank call videos? 11:55 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Im sick of your flat torilla ass heather

11:55 JRO123

(al) theft is against THE LAW *busts out badge*

11:55 Heozaki Lol that's ghey 11:55 Chwiis 3.0 generic asian schoolgirl 11:55 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Not if you don't get caught Junior

11:56 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) If you say so

11:56 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Alejandro you realize pulling a badge is against reality law?

11:56 Heozaki

(heather) Seriously, Chris? Do you want to get arrested?

11:56 JRO123


im just fucking around lol 11:56 DegrassiFTW27 I was about to say 11:56 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) A new fidget spinner does come out today so I guess I can live with it.

11:56 Heozaki

(heather) Shut it, Alecuntdro

11:56 JRO123 ignore cop al momnts 11:56 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) I'm down for stealing *runs in mall excitedly*

11:57 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) Woah Chris fam normally Im down for everything you do boi but one of the 10 commandments that the lord gave i s is THOU SHALT NOT STEAL

11:57 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) You tell him Heather

11:57 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) But I've never stolen anything in my entire life.... I always just have my mom or butler go out and buy me the things I want

11:57 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *conf* Im like a sha kid in a sha candy store

11:57 Heozaki

(heather) And why don't you shut your trap, Chris Lite

11:58 JRO123

(ella) oh dear, why must we fight so soon?

11:58 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) it for the others not me.

11:58 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *grabs a pretzal from a kid* MY PRETZAL

11:58 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) *conf* I'll remember this disrespect

11:58 Heozaki

(scott) *pats Taylor's back while wearing the potato bag mask backwards* Well, there's always a first for everything

11:58 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Your job is to race down the street over to that mall and navigate through the building, searching the stores for a list of items me and Chef will get to in just a moment. You must do so while avoiding being caught by store owners and security. Once you have everything you need it'll be as simple as racing out of the mall with your team and reaching the parking lot

11:58 Chwiis 3.0 wait if we are voting for the guy who can eliminate someone what is the reward for winning a challenge 11:58 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *kicks kid in face stealing pretzal* SHA YEAH

11:59 JRO123

(al) do not worry, Taylor, as a hispanic I'll be the one the cops go for so you'll be fine

11:59 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *runs into library*

11:59 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Say Al, how long have you been a cop anyway?

11:59 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood (cop) (police) 11:59 JRO123

(al) im afraid you're mistaken, my young friend

11:59 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(sanders) *tackles lightning)

12:00 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *conf* in my country punishment for stealing is death lucky we arent there anymore

lmaoooo toast 12:00 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) we need to back i repeat backup

12:00 Rocky XXVII

(taylor) Hey, our gardener Jesus is hispanic

12:00 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Black on black violence, nothing gets better than that on reality tv, amirite Chris?

12:00 Rocky XXVII lol yooooooo it's raining and thunderstorming like mad crazy out here 12:01 Heozaki

(scott) Our gardener is my brother, Ronny

12:01 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *conf* If I have to steal something it might as well be useful there are a few books i need to study for law exam

12:01 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) shoots lightning with a taser*

12:01 Heozaki

(scott) Conf: He does a good job, roaming around and setting the grass on fire

12:01 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *takes books from library*

12:01 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) This is Detriot all over again

12:01 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Now, the items id like are: 1. A gaming console. Me and Chef get bored during our free time filming. 2. A bag of food from the food court. 3. Chef would like some panties from a womens clothing store for.....reasons. 4. Lastly id like you all to retrieve me some bikini magazines for later this read the articles.
(chris) Sound good to you all?

12:02 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *faints*

12:02 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Ah sweet a gaming console

12:02 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* I just cant steal fam. The lord would never forgive me. Maybe I can come up with some alternative arrangements with Chris

12:02 JRO123

(ella) bikini magezines?!

12:02 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) *conf* Funstation 5 time

12:02 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) For the articles.

12:02 JRO123

(ella) *gasp*

12:02 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) did you say cloth shopping?

12:02 Chwiis 3.0 oh i thought challenge had started already 12:02 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Now, go out and get my items people! I'll see you at the front for the reward

12:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) *steals a Vita*

12:03 Dark Knight Rebirth lmao 12:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) STOP

12:03 Heozaki

(heather) *looks at nails* Really?

12:03 Dark Knight Rebirth He wants things that are alive toast 12:03 Heozaki LMAO 12:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) Oh nevermind its just a Vita move along

12:03 JRO123

(ella) princesses are supposed to be nice and not steal, I'm very nervous about this!

12:03 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Don't worry Ella

12:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood damn dark took my joke >.> 12:03 JRO123

(ella) :o

12:03 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Most princesses are becoming bad ass

12:03 Heozaki

(heather) Hey Ella, I'm here

12:04 Rocky XXVII Chris said go right 12:04 Heozaki

(Heather) ...Here to tell you to CHOP CHOP and get to work!

12:04 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Become one of them and you might just change princesses forever

12:04 DegrassiFTW27 yeah, you're good 12:04 JRO123

(ella) oh, thats sweet!
(ella) o-o

12:04 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *Runs into mall*

12:04 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) *runs to the store*

12:04 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *waits for everyone to go and approaches Chris* Yo Chris we are bois right?

12:04 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) *runs to the mall*

12:04 Heozaki

(heather) *runs to the store*

12:04 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Goes into mall*

12:04 JRO123

(al) *runs to mall*

12:04 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *runs into store*

12:04 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *camped out in front of the mall with Chef* So Chef how was your -- uhhh, what Devin?

12:04 Heozaki

(scott) *runs into the store*

12:05 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) and bois have to stick together right? B)

12:05 JRO123

(ella) *goes into mall*

12:05 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) *looks around* Eh, my team will take care of this

12:05 Heozaki

(scott) Let's find a game store

12:05 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Ofc the clothing store is on the second floor

12:05 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *in mall jail* (music) Young Lighting they don't want to see you winning they want you in a penitentiary

12:05 JRO123

(ella) ;(

12:05 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) I know a game store

12:05 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *runs to food court*

12:05 Heozaki

(scott) By games, does he mean hay toss or spider smash?

12:05 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *Heading to the smoothie shop* Who is thirsty AND hungry?

12:06 Dark Knight Rebirth Can't Emma just make food court rice herself (troll) 12:06 Chwiis 3.0 true 12:06 JRO123

(al) womens panties, what would be an effective way to get those

12:06 Rocky XXVII

(taylor) *Begins running up stairs*

12:06 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) ...........bit exactly
  • not

12:06 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *marks off anotother mintue in his cell* Im starting to lose it

12:06 JRO123

(al) *sees strip club that is in mall*

12:06 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Follow me

12:06 DegrassiFTW27

(benny) *is seen working at the food court passing out bags of taco bell* Alright, next order?

12:06 JRO123

(al) excellent. *rips off shirt and goes in*

12:06 Heozaki

(scott) *Heads to Benny*

12:07 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) *runs to the escalator* The game store should be somewhere here

12:07 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) *walks behind the taco bell and grabs a bag of chips*

12:07 Heozaki

(scott) Alright, I'm going to need some Gumbo ASAP

12:07 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *goes up to Benny* A bag of tacos please!

12:07 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ...

12:07 Heozaki

(scott) Or else... *pulls out a turnip*

12:07 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *goes to mcdonalds* Can I hab duuuuh big mec please

12:07 DegrassiFTW27

(benny) Why would we serve gumbo at taco bell?

12:07 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) Chris fam are you following me?

12:07 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Hey Benny , some tacos to go stat

12:07 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) HEY is anyone stealing??!

12:07 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) I'll even give you an autographed picture of myself, cus you see, one day I'm gonna be a part of the next biggest rock band and you'd be my first autograph!

12:08 Heozaki

(scott) *throws a turnip at Benny*

12:08 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Yeah, I follow

12:08 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) *arrives at game store*

12:08 Heozaki

(scott) GUMBO

12:08 JRO123

(al) *horny women toss their wet panties at him as he acts as a male stripper* now this is my type of challenge.

12:08 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Let's see

12:08 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) So you're talking scratch my back....I scratch yours?

12:08 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) Exactly fam B)

12:08 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) ZBox or Funstation

12:08 Heozaki

(heather) *Goes to gaming store* Alright, dweebs

12:08 JRO123

(ella) *joins devin and Chris* don't mind me, boys! ;)

12:08 Heozaki

(heather) What's the smallest gaming console you got?

12:08 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Halfway up the stairs, losing breath and tired* This... Is what happens... When I have a personal instructor do all my exercises for me

12:09 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) *shoots benny) MEXICAN WORKiNG??? WHAT???

12:09 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) >.> @Ella

12:09 JRO123

(ella) *gets close to chris* :)))))

12:09 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *notices an escalator just on the other side of the mall* ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

12:09 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *sees Ella coming* Ill tell you what, I could use some help. I'll talk to you later. HEY....YOU!

12:09 Heozaki

(scott) *behind Taylor* It's a nice climb, ain't it?

12:09 JRO123

(ella) yeeesss?

12:09 Heozaki

(scott) *mouth full of food* Want some gumbo?

12:09 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Excuse me sir *taps cashier desk*

12:09 JRO123

(ella) what is it...;)

12:09 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Shouldn't you doing the challenge?

12:10 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Ew, get that crap away from me, creep! *smacks gumbo out of Scott's hand*

12:10 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *is given big mac and runs*

12:10 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *in mall jail* *grows a beard is now has tattos* Man

12:10 Heozaki

(scott) My Gumbo!

12:10 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) What do you suggest I buy?

12:10 Heozaki

(scott) *gumbo goes off the ledge and Scott jumps for it*

12:10 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *grabs Benny by the neck and shakes him* JUST GIVE ME SOME TACOS MAN

12:10 DegrassiFTW27

(Harold) Hmmm, well, I don't know....

12:10 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) *goes to magazine rack*

12:10 DegrassiFTW27 lmao kidding 12:10 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) See yah later Chris fam

12:10 JRO123

(ella) oh.

12:10 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Which system do you prefer I get?

12:11 Heozaki

(heather) *grabs the gaming system and runs for it* HA, SUCKERS!

12:11 DegrassiFTW27

(benny) OK! FINE! HERE!

12:11 JRO123

(ella) but thats hardly suitable for a princess!

12:11 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Thanks! *Grabs taco bag and begins running back*

12:11 JRO123

(ella) besides, I wanted to spend time with YOU

12:11 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Finally makes it up and goes to the clothing store searching for panties*

12:11 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *walking through store randomly and bumps into heather*

12:11 DegrassiFTW27 lol jro can I use Harold as a stand in or nah 12:11 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) oh ahhahah ummmmmmm hi again

12:11 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(sanders) Man this is such a peace normal day at the mall...

12:11 JRO123

(ella) Did i ever mention how much more handsome you are in person?!?!

yeah sure 12:12 Rocky XXVII you should have Troy and Harold working at the mall since they're trying to make a living while taking a break from competing on the show 12:12 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *breaks out of mall jail* FINALLY

12:12 Chwiis 3.0 dying @lightning 12:12 JRO123

(al) *comes out with an armful of panties and rejoins team* I may have done a little too well. *grins*

12:12 Heozaki

(scott) *follows Taylor, injured with gumbo all over his shirt* Hey!

12:12 DegrassiFTW27

(Harold) To tell you the truth kid just pick any, I don't care. I'm just doing this between Bare Bones seasons. Heard s7 is happening, just waiting on my call B)

12:12 JRO123 lmao 12:12 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *shaves off beard*

12:12 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) So I can get this Funstation for free right?

12:12 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Lightning is back baby!!

12:13 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Searching through different kinds of panties* hmmm. which color would suit Chef more? Red or Black?

12:13 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *walks into woman panties shop*

12:13 DegrassiFTW27

(Harold) Hmm? What? No, why would we sell a system for FREE!?

12:13 Chwiis 3.0


12:13 Heozaki

(heather) Harold

12:13 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) *grabs bikini magazines while old people look at him confused*

12:13 Heozaki

(heather) Give me that system right now!

12:13 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) Well I mean
(junior) I can give you one of my rare fidget spinners for it

12:13 JRO123

(al) *enters game store* Harold?

12:13 Chwiis 3.0 Wait was it panties or porn mahs

  • mags

12:14 DegrassiFTW27 both items 12:14 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) Time to steal shit *walks out the mall to the parking lot* Yo BITCH GIMME YOUR CAR

12:14 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Hmmm lingerie, some of this stuff would look good on me *shoves some down her shirt then grabs a couple more for Chef before running out* Come on farmer boy we gotta go!

12:14 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(ellody) truely illogical

12:14 JRO123

(al) I didnt realize you worked here

12:14 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Hey cashier , how much for the magazines?

12:14 DegrassiFTW27

(dean) *is seen peeping through women's change rooms in the background*

12:14 Dark Knight Rebirth lmao 12:14 Heozaki

(heather) Alejandro >.>

12:14 JRO123

(al) si.

12:14 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *punches ellody and steals car and drives it to chris* Yo bitch stole something B)

12:14 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) MY BUTT NOT THAT BIG *tries panties on and most of her ass is hanging out* LOOK IT FIT IT FIT

12:15 Heozaki

(heather) Harold, hand me a gaming system, now!

12:15 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *Sees Lightning out of jail as he is running out of mall* Damn, this show has freed more brothas than Abe Lincoln.

12:15 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Eh screw it *runs out stores with bikini magazines*
  • mall

12:15 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *looks at lightning in amazement* ....We will NOT be allowed back to this mall

12:15 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) Yo Chris , here are your magazines

12:15 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) So did we win?

12:15 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *Arrives with food*
(Rock) Here you go man

12:15 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) You know Harold

12:15 Heozaki

(scott) *Arrives with gumbo* Here you go Chris...

12:15 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) I didn't want to do this but

12:15 JRO123

(al) *presents moist panties to chris*

12:15 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) ok bye bye now i no pay duh money *runs*

12:16 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *comes back and hands Chris panties* Got Chef's laundry

12:16 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) *arrives with stolen big mac and really stretched panties*

12:16 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood emma right now 12:16 Heozaki

(scott) Some of it is gone because it fell and I had to put it back in. Oh, and I ate some too

12:16 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) What if I told you I can "pay you back" in a way you wish

12:16 Rocky XXVII damn Toast you seen that shit too 12:16 Dark Knight Rebirth ^ 12:16 Chwiis 3.0 ^@toast 12:16 Heozaki

(heather) *comes back with gaming system* I had to beat up Harold for this

12:16 JRO123

(ella) *is still following Chris around*

12:17 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) *runs out mall*

12:17 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(chef) *makes first line of the series* No

12:17 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) woah.... ummm ...... ahhh ... hehehhe ..... great work heather

12:17 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Fantastic! Lightning, we need a whole team. This is still anyone's game. *counting each competitor

12:17 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) Woah, you mean to tell me, they threw away your gumbo! @Scott
(Rock) That is not cool at all

12:18 Heozaki

(scott) Yeah! It tasted just like momma's!

12:18 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(macarthur) *sees heather* Huh maybe she doing an I.o.u

12:18 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) All Devins Christians need is Gwen while Sierra and Crimson are missing from the farm boys

12:18 Dark Knight Rebirth lmao 12:18 DegrassiFTW27 lmao toast 12:18 JRO123

(gwen) *is sitting on a bench listening to indie beats or whatever tf*

12:19 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Alright....fair enough.

12:19 JRO123

(gwen) *looks up @ chris* is the challenge over yet

12:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ....I been here the whole time *brings back werid swedish porn*

12:19 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Devins Christians. Congrats, you have won our first ever challenge

12:19 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* Gwen does not exactly look like a woman of the lord..... who knows what kind of sinful chizz she does...... She kinda scares me *gulp*

12:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) See team

12:20 JRO123

(ella) wonderful!

12:20 Chwiis 3.0


12:20 JRO123

(ella) I helped! :D

12:20 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) I told you I was great

12:20 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) devin......kill yourself

12:20 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) You guys were too but not as much as me

12:20 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) k

12:20 Rocky XXVII

(Rock) *overhearing the music Gwen is listening to* God, what is that crap!? At least listen to some Ramones or something

12:20 Chwiis 3.0 lmao 12:21 Dark Knight Rebirth oh damn 12:21 JRO123

(gwen) shut up!

12:21 Chwiis 3.0 Gwen is rj's right? 12:21 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) YA we won #gottakeepupiththegrind #studentaltheleoftheyear #webringingthisWHome #MVP

12:21 JRO123

(gwen) this shit is legit >.>

12:21 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) And as for your will get to spend your evening in van this week! *motions to Chef as he is now pulling up with a trailer, trying to attach it to the RV. The Farm'll be staying in low class living these next few days while Devins Christians enjoy a feast in the RV

12:21 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

  • yes

12:21 JRO123

(ella) a feast fit for a PRINCESS? :D

12:21 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) That's great,I get to be with the legend himself

12:22 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *conf* Chris and I are bois. I knew he'd sort chizz out for me B)

12:22 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) TV, nice lights, actual beds, those go to them. I guess its fitting the farm boys living in a trashy trailer for the night

12:22 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ........................... *stares at chris*

12:22 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Stop with that! It's weird!

12:22 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) A trailer!? I gotta sleep in THAT thing with people like HER *Points at Crimson*

12:22 Heozaki

(heather) YES! You aren't all worthless after all!

12:23 JRO123

(al) and people like me. *grins*

12:23 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(crimson) ........ *stares more*.........ok *looks away*

12:23 Dark Knight Rebirth

(topher) That's what I said Heather

12:23 Heozaki

(scott) Ah, the cozy trailer life
(scott) I'll be living on the hay

12:23 Chwiis 3.0 grass so we're voting for someone who can elim someone on the other team right? 12:23 Dark Knight Rebirth

(junior) My dad told me to never sleep with strangers

12:23 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) sorry I don't like Mexican food

12:23 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *pops in shitty trailer* HAHA U LOSE SHA BURN!

12:23 DegrassiFTW27 nahhh, the person with the power eliminates someone from their OWN team 12:23 Chwiis 3.0 oh 12:24 Rocky XXVII wait 12:24 DegrassiFTW27 so its like a reverse vote basically 12:24 Rocky XXVII isnt this ep just reward 12:24 DegrassiFTW27 yeah 12:24 JRO123

(al) oh, excuse me.

12:24 DegrassiFTW27 I'm just explaining (I'm gonna close it up, anything else to be said?) 12:25 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lightning) *conf* everyone here better watch out for GM LIghtning I'm about to run back this shit >:D

12:25 Dark Knight Rebirth i like trains 12:25 Chwiis 3.0

(emma) You people think trailer is bad? In my country we slept in street corner with whole extended family that's 24 people huddled under bus shelter

12:25 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) What a premiere! These 14 have shown that they are willing to play dirty to win and that will only get worse as this season goes on. Who will be the first to be double crossed? Find out next time on Bare Bones! ====End=======